Sunday School at 9:30am -- Worship at 10:30am

Upper Octorara Presbyterian Church is currently looking for its next pastor.  Dr. Jerry Iamurri has graciously agreeg to be our Supply Pastor during this time of transition.  


Jerry Iamurri is the Executive Director of InFaith (the American Missionary Fellowship).  Founded in 1790 by an episcopal bishop in Philadelphia, InFaith deploys missionaries throughout the United States to reach the least, the last, and the lost.  For over 200 years, InFaith has planted churches and ministries to extend the reach of the kingdom into the most overlooked and underserved communities in America.

Jerry came to InFaith from the General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, where he was the assistant stated clerk and chief governance officer. Prior to this, he held pastoral positions in Texas and Pennsylvania and worked as a lawyer in the Philadelphia district attorney’s office.

Jerry and his wife, Sandi, have two children and live in the city of Philadelphia.